So What is This All About?

This is a podcast that talks about things you're not supposed to talk about and get conversation going again. Open discourse about a wide range of social issues. How science and religion can work together. How people don't have to be on the same political side and still build a friendship. How we can learn to understand other people's lifestyles and still be ourselves.

It seems like people have no idea how to have conversations anymore, and social conventions have been going down the toilet. With so many changes in the world over the last few years, we've become sullen, isolated, frustrated. Many of us have turned to social media to find connections and... well... we don't have to tell you how that typically goes. My guests and I will show you how people can have differing ideas yet carry on a conversation without screaming and name calling. Maybe a little name calling for fun. Plus at the end of each episode, we'll give some various ways you can assist your community.

Because we are dedicated to showcasing a multitude of ideas on various subjects, you are going to hear opinions you don't agree with. They might make you angry or upset. But they also might open your mind to possibilities or alternative opinions you've never considered. Give us a listen, and keep an open mind. We love to receive feedback, but please, keep with the spirit of this podcast and leave feedback that is constructive and relative to the topics we share. If you are ready to join us on our endeavor, scroll down below and give us a listen.

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